Adobong Sitaw at Kangkong with Chicharon

Your meal will be more enjoyable with Adobong Sitaw at Kangkong with Chicharon on the table. This Filipino vegetable dish is composed of snake beans, water spinach, and pork rinds. It is cooked inadobo style which is a Filipino way of cooking that mainly involves the use of soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper, and garlic.

There are versions of this dish specific for the vegetable ingredient. Adobong Kangkong is a version that mainly uses water spinach. Adobong sitaw, on the other hand, is the dish that specifically use snake beans as an ingredient. This is the recipe for the latter wherein pork slices were added.

How to Cook Adobong Sitaw at Kangkong with Chicharon

This dish is quick and easy to prepare. Start by sautéing garlic and onion. I toast the garlic to bring-in that nice garlicky flavor to the dish. Make sure that the onion gets soft before adding water, soy sauce and vinegar. I am using dark Filipino soy sauce for this recipe. White vinegar is the default variety that I use when cooking adobo. Distilled and cane vinegar will also work nicely with this recipe.

Pork rinds or chicharon should provide flavor and crunchy texture to the dish. I use this ingredient twice when cooking this dish. The first use is after pouring the soy sauce and vinegar. The second is after plating the dish. The first addition provides flavor, while the texture is achieved when the dish is topped with chicharon.

The sitaw needs to be added before the kangkong because it takes longer to cook. I usually cook it for 3 to 5 minutes before adding the kangkong. Season the dish with salt and pepper as needed once the vegetables are cooked. That’s it!

I think that this recipe deserves to be tried because it represents two delicious Filipino vegetable dishes. It has the delicious taste of adobo with a good texture brought about by the pork rinds.

Feel free to adjust the recipe according to your preference. You can add meat such as pork or chicken the dish. I suggest slicing the meat as thin as possible so that it can cook and become tender quickly. Remember to cook the meat first before adding vegetables.

Many people prefer their dish to be saucy. Pouring some sauce over warm white is a good idea because it can provide additional flavor.

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